CanTeen Kids CAN! — Spring camp

Are you an Auckland student looking to be inspired this Spring?

CanTeen Auckland are looking for enthusiastic young people aged 13 to 24 that are keen to help out with the upcoming ‘CanTeen kids can’ Spring camp this September.

The camp will be held at Auckland’s YMCA Camp Adair from 5:30 pm on the 16th of September to 5:30pm on the 18th.

This camps goal is to bring young people and teen cancer patients together for a weekend of team building and encouragement for one another. Some of the camps mottos include “CanTeen kids can” in the hopes of encouraging current teen cancer fighters that they are strong enough to push through and can do anything if they set their minds to it. Another is “It’s about the FIGHT not the FRIGHT”, here at CanTeen New Zealand we work hard to supporting young people living with cancer so that they don’t have to go through it alone.

We are looking for young people in particular to help out as we believe that young people, through meeting together and talking about life their experiences, will encourage each other and form a community of young people that will stand by one another in the hard times — and the good times — in life living with cancer.

‘CanTeen is about embracing life and getting on with things — helping young people living with cancer continue to enjoy life and everything it has to offer.’

With this outlook, the camp will include a huge variety of activities that Camp Adair has to offer — ranging from outdoor to indoor activities that will push everyone to reach their personal best physically and to help encourage those living with cancer to keep fighting and show them the strength that they have so they can believe they can push through.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can volunteer or if you would like to donate to the cause, over the next week (5th to the 9th of September) some of CanTeen New Zealand’s Auckland staff and a few teen cancer survivors will go to a variety of high schools during lunchtimes to talk about the CanTeen organization and talk about the camp. We will also be heading to Auckland University and AUT on the 5th and 6th to run a sausage sizzle and bake sale with the money raised to go towards CanTeen NZ.

Below is a short clip with young New Zealand teens speaking about their experinces with cancer.

If you are unable to join us but are keen to donate to the cause, check us out at to find out more how you can help young people living with cancer.

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