When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online
Ijeoma Oluo

Brava. When word got out that Melania was staying in NY because of Barron’s education, I posted a story and said that I objected to this as a taxpayer in New York, and also as someone who has to live with the traffic and economic mess that situation causes. Pretty benign stuff really, compared to other strong statements I make on my FB. A person who was a former colleague (male, naturally), jumped in and asked me in that brilliantly condescending way, “Do you have children, Deb?” I answered him that it was not in any way relevant to my post and I was subsequently attacked by his mouthbreather followers. It quickly degenerated into racist remarks about Michelle Obama as compared to Melania etc. One of the lovelies called me a “retard.” I informed them that I don’t debate people who hurl racism and bigoted insults and then I deleted the comments and it felt great. Thanks for writing this. I agree 100%.

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