It’s very demotivating to work. I want to leave the IT field but not having any further plans. What should I do?

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A friend of mine with 12+ years of IT experience quit his job in Feb 2019 to pursue his passion. His passion is food, and is an amazing chef but was working as Tech lead in a mid-size IT company.

He said life has become monotonous and I don’t seem to find the spark in corporate job anymore. He wanted to quit long back but due to financial commitments he could’t quit his job.

Somehow he was able to save a decent amount of money by Jan 2019 and spoke to his family members about his decision to quit the job next month. He also explained his plan to start a restaurant business and how he will get loan for banks.

He started his restaurant business in April 2019 and got 2 chefs from Delhi and 1 chef from Indore. The restaurant business is a capital intensive affair and his daily/monthly expenses were 80% fixed for first few months. He was able to bring decent customers on a weekly basis. I don’t know the revenue specifics but I suppose he was doing well.

Fast forward April 2020, he is at home and the restaurant business is “on Hold”. He doesn’t have a job and he is paying salary to his employees. No revenue for last 2 months and he says the future looks grim for his restaurant business.

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I asked -
“What are going to do in future, how will you take care of your family and kids.”

“Can you rejoin your IT job”

His response -
“Do you think I quit my IT job without a backup plan? I knew the chances of success in restaurant business is around 5–10%. I’ve been saving the capital for restaurant business for past 4–5 years and asked my elder brother to chip in with a profit sharing model. I had saved enough money to run the business for 2 years without a hiccup. I was anticipating mistakes/failures and demand-supply issue. But didn’t expect such pandemic”.

“I can rejoin my IT job as my boss treats me like his brother and when I started my restaurant business he came to congratulate me. I want to wait for few more months before I reach out to him, if needed”.

Things that I learnt from him:

  1. Always have a plan B even if you’re pursuing your passion
  2. Make a good relationship with your colleagues
  3. When starting a business think about failures and not just success

Thanks for reading.



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