I’m a Woman First

Somehow, after months of their candidate insulting everyone possible, many Republicans finally began denouncing Donald Trump over a last straw of lewd and violent remarks. While it certainly took them long enough, I was happy to finally see some prominent names speaking out. With that said, many of the men who spoke out against Donald Trump still managed to minimize the role women have in our society.

You see, many of the public denouncements of Donald Trump came from men who were offended because they had wives, daughters, mothers, and granddaughters. That’s how they identify women — as “wives,” “daughters,” “mothers,” and “granddaughters.”

There is no greater joy to me than being a mother, and I am proud to be my husband’s wife. However, I am a woman first. As a woman, I’d like to see men in powerful positions speak on behalf of us as a whole, and not because we have husbands or produce children. Though I enjoy my role as my son’s mom or husband’s wife, I hope I’m also valued as someone who works hard, achieves goals, and acts as a positive role model for future generations.

So when men, in all their chivalry, decide they’re going to defend my honor, I hope it’s because they see such behavior as unacceptable to ALL women, and not because of how we’re related to them.

As I type this, there’s a woman who is poised to break a major glass ceiling. We women may have come a long way, but it’s clear we still have a long journey ahead of us.

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