Mainstream Media Needs to Stay Away From White House Pressers

I don’t believe Mainstream Media is “fake news.” In fact, I don’t believe most of the people who call MSM fake news really believes it. It’s easier to write something off as fake rather than face reality, even if it means you don’t look very bright.

With that said, I’m finding myself more and more frustrated with most news sources nowadays — because a lot of what is happening to them is of their own making.

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta called out Sean Spicer for holding a closed doors, no recordings allowed gaggle (if it can be called that). During said gaggle, Spicer took a question from a Russian news source, but not CNN. Acosta took his outrage live and accused the White House of “stonewalling” and he wasn’t wrong. He especially wasn’t wrong when he wondered why no one else was complaining.

Yet, for all of Donald Trump calling CNN “fake news,” for all of the snubs to the press, for all of the lying, evading, and deflection, Jim Acosta is still front and center at all of the White House Press briefings.


Why does the press even bother to show up?

During his candidacy, Donald Trump spent less ad money than his peers because he didn’t need to advertise. The press covered his antics more than any other candidate. They reported every outrageous tweet, campaign rally, comment, and goofy face. The more they reported and the more they covered, the more it energized Trump.

During his rallies, Donald Trump wasn’t kind to the press. He called the New York Times a “failing” paper and questioned the legitimacy of any news source that wasn’t Fox News or Breitbart. He even encouraged attendees to laugh at the media and call them names.

Yet the press still showed up for his events. They still interrupted the news to bring him live.

Mainstream Media doesn’t need the White House

The thing is, the press doesn’t need Donald Trump and it doesn’t need Sean Spicer or whomever will be replacing him. It doesn’t need Trump surrogates or press briefings. There is no real news coming from these sources anyway. The White House is awash in a cesspool of alternative facts, conflicting reports, and, let’s call it what it is, lies. The press doesn’t need to waste its time on all that.

Legitimate news outlets can find enough to report on through other means. Now it’s time for them to ignore the one true fake news source — The White House. Think about it, this administration has more leaks than a rotting roof. If there’s anything there is no shortage of, it’s sources and stories to report.

If Infowars and Breitbart are fake news, so are White House press briefings. We need to hold them in the same regard and ignore them.

The press needs to stop encouraging the lies and deflection coming out of the White House. The only way to do this is by not showing up for pressers and other news events.

Why does the press take the bait?

Donald Trump tweets to deflect. While CNN and MSNBC are hosting panels to argue the merits of each individual tweet, Republicans are meeting in secrecy to put together a health care plan that will hurt millions. Yet, tweets are a bigger story.

Yes, we should take Donald Trump at face value. Yes, we do need to take him at his word and consider his tweets as official White House statements. However, we also need to say enough is enough.

Would Donald Trump tweet as much if it didn’t generate so much attention? If the press stopped covering presidential tweeting and if the Twitter community stopped responding, where’s his motivation to keep it going?

The press needs to stop taking the bait.

The press needs to understand their fault in all this

Donald Trump happened because the press (and Russia) made it happen. He could have faded into the background like many a-crazy wannabe politicians, but because he was Donald Trump, the media chose to cover every comment, gesture, and social media update.

The press allowed themselves to be bullied and delegitimized for the sake of ratings and headlines.

It’s time to hold them accountable.

We can make it happen

We don’t hesitate to flood a politician’s phone lines. Why, during the first few months of the year we couldn’t get on Facebook or Twitter without reading outraged posts listing yet another reason to call our local representatives for This Week’s Unacceptable Something. So we called. We faxed. We took it to social media. We wrote. And we made our voices heard.

The press needs to hear our voices too.

What if we started requesting the press stop covering the idiotic stuff, and paid more attention to the stuff that matters?

Perhaps it’s time to get on social media and let the press know that we would rather read and respond to real news than White House lies and deflection. Perhaps it’s time to call or send emails and faxes. Perhaps it’s time to start treating the press in the same manner we treat our politicians and hold them accountable for the current situation.

Because they are responsible.

The press needs to stop being the White House’s bitch.

After all, what could be worse for Donald Trump than not having all the attention focused on him?

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