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All this sounds very exciting for publishers. At Antiserious we have been considering the possibility of us moving to medium. It will allow us to concentrate more on the editorial aspect and let us bother less about the technical part of things. We also understand the power of having a dedicated reading community. Though what bothers me is that we are a publication that constantly publishes anti-establishment writing which are provocative in nature. In the current political scenario in India, when rising “nationalism” offends everyone, do we run the risk of our content being flagged and then deleted? How much control do we have over that? I am very new to this platform so this might sound a little stupid and uninformed, but I should still ask the questions. Also, as has been mentioned, we lose all the subscribers to our mailing list that we have accumulated over time? Since we cannot migrate mailing lists from services like Mailchimp, our existing newsletter subscribers all of a sudden stop receiving their weekly emails?

I am very relieved at the clarification regarding the “moving away from Medium”. This should allay the fears of a lot of publishers who are uncertain about their future developments.

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