Not worrying about time

Enjoy your life, my dear. We never know when it’s time to leave it ”, said Paolo, a middle-aged man, with green eyes and a smiling face.

His caring attitude and his tender words reminded me of a kind-hearted uncle.

Paolo and I met in a small town around Lake Garda, in Italy. He was working as a receptionist at the hotel I was staying in. After the check-out, we started a delightful and stimulating conversation.

We talked about politics.

“How could Theresa May not have talked to the victims of the Grenfell Tower? That lady is a robot”, he said. And I agreed with him.

We chatted about life.

"For almost twenty years, I used to live between England and Germany", said Paolo. "I came back to Italy in 2015 to take care of my mother, who died about a year ago."

We shared experiences.

“ I work six months during the year. The other six months, I enjoy life. I travel. I sleep. I watch Netflix. I do nothing”, said Paolo to me.

His words twinkled over my heart like flashes of stars in a dark night. A warm breeze involving me and reminding of the fugacity of my journey.

I have forgotten how delightful is not worrying about time.

I have forgotten the happiness brought about by little things, such as walking by the river, drinking a good coffee for 1 euro, enjoying the pleasure of my own company.

Because time is considered our most valuable resource, I have decided I want to live more as a child: not worrying about life, and living and enjoying time while playing it with positivity, lightness and curiosity.

I'’m gonna travel. I'’m gonna sleep. I'’m gonna watch Netflix. I'’m gonna do nothing. I'’m gonna enjoy life.

I’’m not gonna worry too much about time.

Grazie, Paolo.

Sirmione, Italy