Missed day


you missed the graceful sunrise and the glowing blue sky at 5 am.

you missed listening to the silent voices of the city at this time.

you missed the egg’s benedict for breakfast.

you missed drinking a smelling and fresh peppermint cuppa.

you missed listening to the blessed and powerful voice of Mahalia Jackson, while watching me trying to paint.

you missed the pleasant sunlight and the bloomed flowers in our street.

you missed having pepper and salt squid and a roast from our local pub.

you missed seeing a lovey-dovey hipster couple.

you missed watching a movie by my side, in the afternoon, while cuddling with me.

you missed the chance to find our next flat.

you missed the chance to stroll in the park, arm in arm.


you missed the day.

you missed time.

And time never comes back.

I wish you never missed life, again.

Because I really love you

And I miss you by my side.

Photo credit: Debora Targino