Puppy Love

Would you “swipe right” to give a puppy a home?

7.6 million dogs are abandoned in the United States every year, animals are left without a place to call home and forced into animal shelters around US. They feel afraid, lonely and they just need to be loved.

Social Tees Animal Rescue, is a non-profit animal rescue organization, and had the brilliant ideia, go to the same place where we go to find love, Tinder, to help match up adorable dogs with potential lovely owners in New York City.

They create a Youtube video to post on social media, and turned the Tinder itself into the content, a lot of people could see dogs that just need a home and, to be loved, in the app they already use for dating real people.

While the campaign, known as “Puppy Love,” wasn’t conducted with the official cooperation of Tinder, it’s hard to imagine dating app giant is against helping abandoned dogs to find loving homes.

They could “date” with the dog and find a real love, following the idea that "nobody can love you more than a dog". As the campaign development manager, Samantha Brody put it, “I have no idea how Tinder would react but I would hope they would appreciate the creativity attempt to draw more attention to animal rescue, which saves more lives.”

In less than a week 10 dogs got 2,700 matches, bring attention to the organization and finally the new owners and dogs could live happily ever after.

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