My experience so far in Andela

This week has been packed with a great deal of information and it has taken a minute to settle in.

Monday started out with meeting the team and getting to know them and their roles, learning what they expect from us and most importantly a more detailed review of the contracts. The days that followed had more steady pace.

The key takeaways from the week are, firstly how important the Andela mission is and how we fit into the movement, the simulations timeline and how vital meeting checkpoints on time is and finally the weightiness of the contracts and what to expect when in Andela.

In order to successfully scale through simulations, I am expected to complete checkpoint 2, cover at least 50% of the D1 learning outcomes and be recommended by my facilitator and facilitation manager.

I plan to accomplish this by constantly dedicating my time to learning and proper planning, accepting and implementing feedback from my facilitators and ensuring I keep the reason why I am here at the back of my mind.