Searching a job = finding a boy/girl friend

It’s difficult to find a job in Denmark for a foreigner. Especially my major is related to media and communication and my Danish pronunciation sucks.

It’s also important to make phone calls when you search a job in Denmark, but I’m still not used to that. In my opinion, a phone call is a kind of order that you have to pick it up whether the situation is suitable or not. Certainly, most of the calls should be done during office time and the receiver also can refuse to answer the call, but you never know what he/she is doing when you’re calling.

Maybe the reason that I don’t like the phone is — I’m afraid to be rejected. If the person I’ve called asks me to call him/her up later since his/her hands are full right now, what shall I do? When is the perfect time? 5 mins, 10 mins, or 1 hour later? Who knows. Besides, I’m also not that good at selling myself through a call. I’m not so confident that I’m the person who is 100% suitable for the position and will get used to the working environment quickly and smoothly. I couldn’t say that I’ll perform better in an interview, at least I can see the interviewer’s face and body language.

Therefore, I’d like to write emails or send Inmails via LinkedIn. It’s like a person who has a big crush on another, but he/she is too shy to speak out, so he/she has to choose an original way to confess his/her love. I could write down all the things thoroughly and pick up the words I prefer — Why is falling in love? What kind of advantage do I have? What can I do to win him/the job over? etc. After sending the letter, I’ll start to imagine how is the receiver going to reply the mysterious lover. However, one thing is sure that the person is able to reply it when he/she feels comfortable and less hurried.