Russophobia and the dark art of making an anti-Russian magazine cover
Dominic Basulto

Excellent article. Ever since I returned to the US from the USSR, where I lived and worked as a journalist (during its collapse!), I have encountered Russophobic attitudes, and whenever I tried to point out the Russophobia in our press, people laughed at me or told me I was imagining it. I’ve finally been able to prove to my husband that Russophobia exists in American media and in our movies, but it took years of pointing out to him every incident of Russophobia until he started seeing it for himself. Most Americans seem to eat the propaganda up like candy because it appeals to their ego and their sense of “American exceptionalism.” My fear is that they will allow themselves to be led into an armed conflict with Russia, which could be disastrous for not just Russia and the US, but for the entire world and every living thing on it.

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