5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor
Patti Mulligan

I appreciate your article and also believe it’s of utmost importance to do the 5 steps you mentioned.

But there are many other ways in which money can talk: BOYCOTTING companies that ANY of the trumps have stock in, own, or provide to (ouch! all of us Amazon, Marshall’s, Macy’s, Overstock.com lovers! — [too many other companies to list here, but easy to find on the net].)

You also left out some of the most important news voices out there, not the least of which are:

  • The Real News Network
  • Truthdig
  • Democracy Now!

Although I find your aligning with the (un)Democratic/Establishment Party troublesome, we’re in this together and some action is FAR BETTER than no action because of a lack of complete concensus. In that light, I’m grateful you’re out there making noise.


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