Kissing Off the Melancholy of the Left
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Hello! You’ve found me. I’ve found you. Together we rant to everyone we know. And perhaps one in five are receptive to the message. Baby steps. Meanwhile, the majority of Democratic voters simply don’t see how the Clintons have turned the Democratic Party into Republican Light. They don’t see that Obama is a civil rights centrist and an economic neoliberal. They don’t — or won’t — see that the DNC is corrupt. They don’t — or won’t — see that the political system is rigged. They don’t care that the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class and organized labor, and joined hands with the donor class to engineer ever more extreme economic inequality. They don’t understand history. They couldn’t name FDR’s Four Freedoms if their lives depended on it. They don’t care that Hillary never met a war she didn’t like. They don’t care that she loves her rich donors too much to ever pay more than lip service to the movement to overturn Citizens United. So, yeah, I’m still feeling the melancholy, along with the Bern.