“Not qualified”
Kathy Zhang

I am 64 years old. I graduated from law school with the first class at my particular school that had more than one or two token women in it. I litigated at the Department of Justice back in the days when it was considered alright for an interviewer to remark that women weren’t “tough enough” to carry the traditional suitcase-sized litigation cases. I was considered an undesirable candidate for a job with a large law firm because I was newly married and might get pregnant. I argued a major appellate case in a US Court of Appeals when I was 8 months pregnant, and was told by my opponent that my client must be pretty desperate to have sent a pregnant woman to do a man’s job. I researched appellate briefs at night in the law library and wrote them at home during the day, while a nursed my daughter through chicken pox, and then had them myself. I moved and changed jobs twice in less than two years, because my first husband’s career was “more important” than mine. Nevertheless, I ended up raising my daughter alone, because her dad wanted a more compliant and sexually available woman (or women) than me. I suspect I know as much about sexism, and am as bona fide a feminist, as Kathy Zhang, and I can assure her that Sanders’ criticism of Hillary Clinton’s policies and judgments have nothing at all do do with her gender. Not that my assurance will change the minds of “feminists” who want to see patriarchal sexism in every word spoken in opposition to Hillary’s candidacy, because that is the worldview to which they cling as if their lives depended on it.

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