My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

I am a life-long Democrat who will be leaving in less than 45 minutes to “man the polls” here in Upstate New York, so I’ll make this brief:

  1. Bernie is more of a Democrat than Hillary is. If, like me, you grew up in a pro-labor Democratic family who believed that FDR saved America, you understand that Bernie is the real Democrat in the race. Hillary is a moderate Republican of the 1950's-1960's variety, masquerading as a Democrat. In other words, Hillary is a neo-liberal, and Bernie is a progressive.
  2. The Democratic Party has been weakened because it diluted, if not polluted, its brand — a process that began in the ‘70’s, and has been assiduously followed by the Clinton and Obama administrations. For details, read Thomas Frank’s “Listen Liberal” and Stieglitz’s “The Roaring Nineties,” or just pay attention to everything Robert Reich has been saying for the past 5 years.
  3. It certainly sounds to me like your priorities are Democratic Party first, long term trajectory of American politics second. I don’t share those priorities.
  4. On a more personal level, why should Bernie, or any of us who support him, be concerned about supporting the DNC, when it’s doing everything it can to tip the scales in Hillary’s favor? Why should we continue to toe the line to a party machine that disregards progressive socio-economic values and concerns? The DNC treats progressives as another “minority” that it takes for granted because, after all, where else can we go?