The Elephant In The Room
Jay W. Cobb

Right wing authoritarianism is by the elites’ neglect of the working and lower middle classes, who have suffered the most from neoliberalism and its worship of global capitalism and free trade. As it is practiced by both of our parties, neoliberalism’s victims are marginalized and penalized for not being born into the moneyed classes and/or blessed with the opportunity to get a professional degree. These victims generally react by turning to populism, even as our parties’ establishments become even more elitist. Depending on one’s propensity to racism/prejudice, your populism of choice will be leftist/socialist and inclusive, or right wing, authoritarian, and exclusive. (I know this is an oversimplified dichotomy, and there are other factors at work, but stay with me here.) The “answer,” in either case, is for our ruling elites and party establishments to start governing as much for the benefit of the average citizen as they do for the global capitalist class — and I mean, REALLY governing, and not just paying lip service to “restoring the Middle Class.”