You realize nobody changed any rules?
Antone Johnson

There’s this, from a FB friend named Maria VanderMolen, who was a delegate to the convention:

This is my recollection of the main points of dissention with Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Convention.

1. They tried to put in place temporary rules that would eliminate the results of the county conventions where Bernie took the lead. They would not accept our signed petitions, and this occurred at 9:30am when the convention was not set to start until 10am. That set the tone for the day. 
2. They put in a motion to accept the temporary delegate count, again before the convention was supposed to start. Once again passed while there clearly was not a majority of Yays.
3. They put in a last minute amendment to the platform that included ambiguous language regarding Super Delegates. We could not vote down the amendment, they made us vote down the whole platform which should have resulted in a line by line vote. They continue to call the platform vote section by section. Due to that we had to vote down that section including the line on SuperDelegates. Unfortunately it had many other positive lines that would have allowed more open voting. They should not have been allowed to add that the morning of the convention after the platform had been published for review. Clearly they didn’t want to see more open voting. Then they took our microphone away effectively silencing are ability to make motions, call for division to force a head count, to call for no confidence to replace Roberta Lange as Convention Chair.
4. Executive Board election. Only 2 Bernie supporters were on the ballot because the deadline date was changed and therefore their submissions were not acceted. A lawsuit had already been filed in that situation but the courts declined to get involved in party business.
5. Lots of stalling while we waited for actual delegate count, so they continued to put on speakers. That time frame included the Barbara Boxer incidence.
6. They Fina figured they would not have counts so sent us to our separate rooms for selection of Congessional District National Delegates, which should not have occurred at that point because the count to get proportions by candidate hadn’t occurred. But that really didn’t matter to them because they instituted the temporary rules to use the counts from the original caucus without considering changes from the county.
6. Issues in Congessional District selectiobs. I can only speak for CD 4. More than half the people who had submitted required paperwork so they were not going to be allowed to speak. I pulled up the link that included the list on the NV Dem site and proved their names were there so they finally hot to speak, votes were taken. Then wait wait wait to get back into the main hall.
7. Report from Credentialing Committee. Hillary had 31 (or close to that) more delegates. The room explodes. A member from the Bernie side of the committee wanted to read the minority report but was not allowed. Shouts of let her speak until finally a member of the central committee ca m e to speak. Calmed the room and stared he is an official and there has a right to soeaks, and states he is deferring his time and giving the mic to the woman who read the minority report.
8. The minority report. She reveals that 64. delegates were not credentialed, not allowed to address the Credentialing Committee which was clearly not a democratic process. the Bernie attorneys were submitting this report to the DNC. Of course this news outraged the hall. These delegates would have once again put Bernie the lead. They,all left the stage.
9. One of the chairs came back on and told us the Paris Hotel said we were nearly the end of our alloted convention time, which was in no way accurate. They asked for the ranking campaign member from each side to the stage and then went behind closed doors. (Remember this all occurred without a microphone to call a motion for recount).
10. The bus. A committee person came to the stage that the Hillary bus had to leave. Hmmmm, where were these people bussed in from? Many left but I could not see how many. Not our fault! 
11. More speakers. To try to silence room they brought on people running for state congressional seats. 
12. The recount motion. One of these candidates running for a state position said I have a microphone and I am calling for a recount. I t was seconded and left open.
13. The Adjournment. Convention Chair Roberta Lange comes to the podium, does not accept the recount motion, motions that the committee would decide PLEO and at large delegates, immediately seconded by someone on stages, calls Yays, calls Nays, never listened to either, slams the gavel and calls adjournment. 
14. The end. Police fill the front of the room, Paris Hotel head of security states this us private property and you will be arrested for trespassing if you do not leave now. We stayed, came on again and stated we will us any and all means and legal actions to remove you. so we slowly left, quiet, peaceful, but pissed as hell.

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