Deborah Dolen | Bestselling Author | Passionate What She Does

When you think about a Bestselling Author, Floral Designer, Candle Maker, Soap Maker, you rarely think of it being one person but Deborah Dolen is doing all those things and much more. Best known as an Amazon Kindle author, since 2000 and as a contributor in Barnes and Noble Nook. She is sharing his experience and unique ability with us as a Bestselling Author of 29 DIY books, 7 Home & Garden DIY videos, and over 1,000 of article and produced and directed several TV “how to” Films.

Deborah Dolen has written dozens of DIY books on cooking, entertaining, home keeping, beekeeping, canning, making bath and body products, and gardening. She is also the presenter of many DIY shows, a syndicated writer having her own RSS feeds and over a million subscribers. Apart from that, Deborah Dolen is very active in environmental and animal issues. She is also a founder and currently editor in Chief of Mabel White Home Living, and Mabel Media which publishes DIY material on several platforms including, TV, print, video and radio.

Deborah Dolen has created print and electronic media across several platforms to include print books, eBooks and video and film. Her work is mostly non-fiction and about creating products with natural materials. She has a long list of books, including: Basic Floral Design, Gift Basket Business: How to Make and Sell Gift Baskets, Beef and Other Meat Jerky Recipes by Deborah Dolen, The Soap Rebatcher , The Beekeepers Digest: Recipes and Formulas, Aromatherapy Basics and Maid Holistic The Art of Cleaning Naturally and many more.

She is passionate about what she does. For her, Success is not only about how much money you make, it’s about the difference, you make in people’s life. Deborah Dolen is very passionate about his work. As an author, she is making a change in people’s life. Behind her successful career, she is herself with hard work and passion. She believes that we must do the things which we can with determination and passion. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Deborah Dolen is living his dream which she got through strength, patience, and with her passion. Deborah is inspiring so many goals and women’s with her work.

Author Deborah Dolen loves Amazon Kindle and has two tablets. She takes one in her kitchen at all times. Because of the power of Amazon’s Whispernet digital platform Deborah Dolen’s work will soon be available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Italian. Kindle Apps is a platform which makes it possible for the first time for Deborah Dolen’s work to be available on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices. The Kindle is now very popular and constitutes half of Amazon’s sales.

Deborah Dolen has so many achievements, this list is growing continuously. She is connecting to big names as Barnes and Noble and Amazon Kindle. Deborah Dolen signed with Amazon Kindle program in 2012 to sell her DIY films and books. By Christmas 2012 she was enrolled in Amazon’s Prime Membership Program. In the following three months, three books hit Amazon’s bestseller list. Deborah Dolen became a respective member of Amazon’s Prime Member program that allows each member to get hold of a particular book for the unlimited time period, without being charged a fee. As of January 1, 2015, Deborah Dolen work is available on Amazon UK, Amazon France. Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany, and even Amazon Japan. Deborah Dolen’s Amazon success can serve as a model to follow. She has won The Triple Crown of Best Sellers on Amazon. Behind her success, she is herself. There is no greater thing you can do with your work, if we follow our passion in a way that serves the world it can help to reach our goal

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