The important thing to note here is that we don’t actually need Uber’s board to have an ethical epiphany for things to get better.
Uber’s CEO is out because of pressure, not some ethical epiphany from the board

It all begins with how we begin the beginning and seed the foundations of the things we create; and we bring our whole selves to these moments. And, then what matters is how we grow and fertilize the soil the seeds are planted in. What does building healthy and proactive agile companies that grow to vast sizes look like? I suggest it begins with remembering it is people doing the work in the company with the tools created by said humans.

As I follow the Uber story and other tales of founders and their companies, while working on a book with a forward thinking Growth Advisor who has tremendous experience in growing teams and business, I find myself reading the articles, hearing the news analysis stories and thinking:

The investors seem not to be stewards. The investors appear to be first protecting their investment. The early employees contribute to the present and future problem born out of the ecosystem and the culture being unhealthy. Why do people tolerate poor behavior in the start of space? I ask this question rhetorically of course.

Then I find myself wondering:

Is it truly conceivable that a disruptive technology could up end an industry with little to no mistreatment of the people who build the company in the first place?

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