We got a guy a job and made $4
Jonathan Kumar

Jonathan, you know I am a fan of your mission and vision and efforts to bring forth the GiveSafe platform. And, ever since that first day I met you at the SVP Orientation Picnic in August 2015 I have followed you and your work on GiveSafe. I remember that day you first explained the GiveSafe beacon to me, I said that I being the age I am would more likely prefer giving money to using a beacon to give. I also remember saying that my teenager (were she a 20something or she had a debit card at the very least) with her love of her technology devices would be a likely earlier adopter. In the months since meeting you, four months shy of a year, my thoughts and perceptions about giving by way of a beacon have changed. With every story you share on this journal, or that I have read in your emails to early supporters, I rethink that initial skeptic response to your innovative idea.

I sense and see and hear and read your commitment and belief to this program you are developing and I hope that many others do too. Your passion for making this happen is evident. What is on your wishlist for the months to come? What is needed? I’d love for the angels to come forward from wherever they are — who might read this latest post and my comment.

It’s time that the Luddite I claimed to be, embrace using technology to help those in need. I’ll do my part and be a Giver and sing your praises!

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