Morning Pages: Day 3 of the first 100 Days.

#icantkeepquiet. I can keep walking.

Sadly, the man who believes himself to be totally in charge is using executive orders as he pleases, while a Republican majority congress is gutting good things, cut by cut by cut through legislative process.

These first 100 days are painful, but then life is never pain-free is it.

Time to stay aware, involved, vote with our $$$, take what actions we can, do what we can.

When might there be true mutual respect amongst the human species — the species that has a level of consciousness not found in other species. These first days could make a person feel helpless or they could spur a person into action that is incremental, consistent, ethical, and grounded in the tenets of social justice.

I keep telling my higher Self that this retrograde feeling must be met with positive actions and forward motion.

At least this rationale, keeps my head above water and able to do what is mine to do each day on the practical.

Do you ever recall a friend saying that “people become Republican when there is something they want to protect”? I have one such friend who said this decades ago. It chilled me then to hear it and it reverberates in my memory bank this morning.

My rituals and practices are simple. I do my best to check my ego at the door every day as I work and parent and be a friend in the name of service to others and the planet I live on.

I have done and continue to do my inner work to keep my motivations in good shape.

I don’t care for politics as usual and I do see a need for top-level governance that is for the greater population.

Our 45th POTUS appears to be fulfilling items on his “bucket list.”

One day at a time. 
Do what is mine to do in my own backyard, family, state. 
That is what I can do.

Maya=Illusion. It must be called out when it is seen.

I strive to stay awake and will not utterly avoid the craziness of the current reality.

Some days it easier than others.

Today, I have to restart myself mentally for the second time, to be present where I need to be present.

Because for all that DJT initiates, and all the coverage he gets for it, there remain things I get to do with gratitude.

Work that I do enjoy. 
Parenting that I do enjoy. 
Organizing the #icantkeepquiet: Let’s Keep Walking event in my own local park this Saturday.

It might be just me and Diane Kern who show up on Jan 28th at 10:30am at the Crossroads Community Park, but I will be there.

In solidarity to sustain the energy of conscious objection to what isn’t right for a larger group of people.

72 hours ago I started what I feel called to do.

Do what is yours to do. Become a part of the larger network. Stay connected. Stay active.

For me it is a matter of life that I create space for hope and action in community.


Deborah Drake — Authentic Will Provoke

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