Deborah Ferrari: Speaking Up for Science

Science is the knowledge of the ever-expanding universe. Everything that you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste has a scientific explanation. From the beginning of life to making humans the most advanced beings on earth, science has been the driving force behind everything. It has no end and those who delve deep into it know that they have to go deeper still as long as they are alive. Deborah Ferrari is one such person who has dived in and uncovered many secrets that have developed scientific knowledge even more.

Deborah Ferrari, a technical speaker, found her love for science as naturally as a fish finds its love for water. This illustration suits her because of she, just like a fish, cannot live without her love. Her specialty is with technology and sustainable development.

As a child, she got amazed at how long-distance communication worked.That inspired her to create her own mobile device while she was still in school. Her knowledge and creativity at that age surpassed many even older than her. These were, however, just glimpses of what she would achieve in the future.

Pursuing an education in Information Technology was her dream and she graduated from the top university of her country with flying colors. Nothing seems to stop her when she gets down learning about something and creating a device by her own.

Her research skills used to baffle her teachers and professors. Not to mention how she could memorize and remember minute details about something that she deemed important for her small inventions for college exhibitions. AS soon as she graduated, she was offered jobs from some of the best companies in the IT sector but she refused them in order to continue her post-graduation studies.

Deborah Ferrari has always had a strict work schedule which she has developed from the time she was in college. This has helped her to put more time and effort in researching and learning about new technologies and developing something on her own later. Just knowing many things is not enough if you cannot spread it to others.

Deborah worked on her speaking skills simultaneously so that she could educate more people and express her ideas in the best way. Soon she became a proficient speaker of science and has helped many to grasp the basic as wells as the most complex theories in scientific technology.

What sets Deborah Ferrari, technical speaker apart from the rest is her knack of explaining the most difficult things in the simplest of ways. She has spoken to school children with the same respect as she speaks with Nobel Laureates and business persons. Her confidence and charming personality hold the listeners’ attention until the last word she speaks. Becoming a technical speaker was not easy for her as she used to face stage fright in the beginning. With the help of her own knowledge and her mentors’ advice, she has eventually developed al the necessary skills required to advance in the industry.