The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever
Josh Spector

Dear Josh ~ Per your suggestions, I’ve incorporated them into the description of one of my books forAmazon. How’d I do, Medium readers? Did I follow all Josh’s recommendations?

Deborah was only 10 years old when Tootsie’s six kittens were intentionally drowned. Even though Deborah’s protective instincts were well-developed, she was no match for her adoptive father. His cruel actions to her pets ignited in her an eternal passion for the vulnerable. Throughout life, Deborah’s diverse emotional experiences created a woman of immense sensitivity, undying strength and supreme devotion for all defenseless beings. In Deborah Gilson’s debut memoir, you’ll read insightful topics from an action-packed murder she witnessed to her brother’s suicide and many more varied incidents. This collection of 19 short stories helps you understand the human psyche.