Trends in Kitchen Designs for 2017

Deborah Gomez
Dec 22, 2016 · 6 min read

As the New Year is just around the corner, it is important to know the prominent trends of various designs for kitchen, especially if you are thinking of revamping it or if you want to build a new kitchen design.

Open Style

This is often preferred by those who are interested in changing the traditional style of kitchen. The open style of kitchen essentially means that the Kitchen will not have upper cabinets, while some of the open styles have cabinets in a small number but they don’t look like the cabinets in the traditional style of kitchens. Likewise, the shelves are open in terms of giving a spacious look of the kitchen. This means that the mix of upper cabinets in a restricted area along with the shelf above the height of a counter top can make a good open style kitchen. However, some of the homeowners prefer having no upper cabinets, while the others use the few of the upper cabinets as the support for the overall kitchen and to decorate the kitchen with exquisite pieces with the help of upper cabinet support.

Height of the Range Hood

If you have already chosen the option of having no upper cabinets in the kitchen, it means that the range of the hood can be placed at the center or front side of the kitchen. In simple words, you can invest on getting the good design of the hood for the cooking range, as it will occupy a central position in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a sharp appeal of the kitchen and the overall décor is also in the modern or trendy style, it means that if you go for stainless steel cabinets, it could complete the overall look. Moreover, the maintenance of a stainless look will also be easy for you in addition to giving a nice sleek look.

Themed Cabinets

Though people prefer having neutral tones in the kitchen in terms of the convenience these colors provide to merge with any color or appliances, however, if you are looking to make a bold statement, cabinets in the black color can add an interesting layer of a theme in your kitchen. Furthermore, the black color is good at camouflaging the stains and dust, which means that the neat look you want to ensure in the kitchen can be maintenance to large extent.

Rail as Substitute of Upper Cabinets

In order to replace the upper cabinets in the kitchen, one will have to find the substitute to organize the kitchen utensils and products, practically speaking. In other words, if you want to save your time spent on searching for day to day stuff of the kitchen, a strong support or structure will be required that will help to access the required things easy and this is where the role of the kitchen rail comes into play.

Faux Brick Panels

If you have chosen a cozy theme in the kitchen and you are looking for a cheap option to add another texture to the kitchen in terms of complementing the existing theme, the faux brick panels are one of the best options. As the panels will provide the missing layer of texture in the relatively cheap cost and the maintenance of the panels is easy. Even though the option of getting a real brick panels is also available in the market, but the installation of the real brick wall is harder and the overall cost of the real brick panels can exceed your limited budget.

Variety of Materials

If you are facing confusion in terms of deciding on the color scheme of the kitchen, especially the choice between light and dark shades, one of the smart options is to choose the combination of different colors and materials to add a contrasting look to the kitchen. This option is particularly suitable for all those singles out there that are busy at work and can’t seem to find time for the color coordination or theme of the kitchen,

Bold Colors

If you are someone who takes interest in perfecting the right shades of colors for the home décor or if you are someone who likes to stay updated in terms of latest trends in colors, the tones of yellow and blue can be the main theme for the coming year. In other words, monochrome combinations are the best thing you can do to revamp the kitchen décor, even if you can’t change the appliances of the kitchen.

Spacious Look

if you can make your kitchen seem spacious in order to enhance the look of the open style kitchen, it can make all the difference. For example, instead of setting up a small station or closed space for the eating or dining table, one of the corners of the kitchen can be used to place a small breakfast table and two or three chairs to avoid the cluttered look of the traditional kitchens.

Tiles Designs

Though tiles can be mixed with the faux panels as well, however, if you have decided to opt for the tiles in the kitchen space, it is best to choose the decorative ones in order to add an artistic feel to your kitchen in accordance with your taste. Some of the homeowners prefer to contrast or match the tile deign with the overall theme of the kitchen. For example, if you have neutral tones, the tile design can be chosen in big patterns.

Personalized Hardware

The kitchen hardware is probably one of the prominent elements of your kitchen décor; it is, therefore, important to pay attention to it in terms of contrasting or matching the hardware with the theme or color scheme. For example, if the knobs in nickel material are not your thing, there is an option of exclusive materials to add a unique look to the kitchen. Likewise, the details of the hardware knobs can be embossed to add a personalized touch.

European Style

One of the distinct features of the European style kitchens is that it offers practical options for utilizing the kitchen space. Most of the kitchen appliances are installed in such a manner that they are hidden well with the help of panels and cabinets. Moreover, wooden parts are covered with gloss to enhance the finishing. Furthermore, the option of shelves and drawers also take up less space than the traditional designs.


If you are interested in a substitute of stainless steel appliances or you dislike them generally due to the less cozy feeling, the appliances can be installed in such a way that they will not be visible in the kitchen. For example, if you are doing a complete makeover of the kitchen, the design of the kitchen in terms of the position of the different appliance can be concealed in a smart way.

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