#UFSMM Infographic

Who, this infographic was designed by myself for a project in my #UFSMM course and it is specifically for students who are interested or deciding whether they should take this course. What, this is an poster-like infographic which provides 6 points on why I love this course and what can be gained from taking this course. When, this is for students who are looking to take this course next semester or next year. Where, this course is provided at the University of Florida within the college of journalism and communications. Why, I have gained a lot from this course and learned a great deal about social media and how it can be used in a business aspect. For the long run, I believe this is a very useful class and it gives great tools that help you use social media to its fullest potential.

Social media is always changing and it’s important, especially in the field of communications, to learn how to use it- building an audience, utilizing all the tools within social media, and gaining connections through social media. These are all essential skills that will create an effective usage of social media- both personally and in your future career.

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