Afraid of Working

I wish I could give my brother a job so he wouldn’t have to face doors shutting in his face.

I’ve been told that I can choose to be sad or not but it feels natural for me to feel sad that my brother is so afraid of people, of making mistakes in front of them, of rejection that he can’t face anyone and admit his weakness of not keeping his unemployment gaps small. Working is probably the most major way to experience life and surviving. My brother hasn’t really experienced this.

I can’t say that it’s his fault for not going out to talk to people. I don’t want to say it’s his fault for being afraid to seek job opportunities. I feel sad that he’s lost a portion of his life due to his fear. I don’t blame him for not wanting to admit that he hasn’t worked for a while. For not wanting to admit that he doesn’t have much work experience altogether. He’s just intimidated, afraid. I am afraid of heights and always will be. Even when I took a rock-climbing course for a semester, I still feel afraid of heights to this day.

I wish I could help him.

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