An Apology and Reminder

I want to say that I am sorry for being so angry. I do want to remind myself about something that I’ve always known very well: Everyone is different and it’s inevitable for everyone to be different. I am nobody to say that people ought to be a certain way. I believe that I’ve said this before and I will say this repeatedly as long as I’m alive: everyone has their own life story that’s theirs, and theirs alone. It’s true that I’ve been angry at a lot of people in my life. I personally think that it’s okay to feel angry at people, but only if you are going to think deeply about why you are angry at them, and, most importantly, if you remember that everyone has their reasons for doing what they do, whether they can put into words why they do something or not, and that you can feel whatever you want, but you can never, ever know why people are the way they are. They just are. I think that it’s okay to be angry only if you remember this. So when someone is angry at someone without ever remembering that everyone is different and their story will forever be unknown, then that person is wrong to be angry. Anger needs to be reasoned with. One needs to be willing to open their ability to be logical in order to let themselves be angry, but if one doesn’t have logic, then one’s anger is certainly dangerous, even fatal.

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