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Food Pornography

South Korean food broadcasts are delectable programs of all-night eating.

Food pornography salivates my taste buds. I immediately taste dishes generously covered in sauce (anything spicy is my favorite; or a cream sauce is always good). I mostly long for savory dishes or, maybe, both savory and dessert dishes are craved for in equal weight for me.

I tend to have an immediate desire for food that I see on someone’s plate. I especially want to eat something I haven’t eaten before; requesting to eat particular food right away. To be honest, I have the urge to be the first in line, as if not being first would literally destroy me.

Watching people eat is a pleasure for me. I imagine what eating their food would be like. I am drawn to watching South Korean mukbang programs where you see a broadcasting personality cook and eat a lot of decadent food (just imagine all of your favorite foods in front of you and you will understand how I feel when I watch these mukbang characters eat copious amounts with so much love).

Speaking of eating a lot of food, I also enjoy watching eating competitions and documentaries on eating competitors. I envision myself thinking about a food I wouldn’t mind eating again and again rapidly (well, in fact, I prefer eating my food slowly but if I were to participate as an eating competitor, it would only be a one-time thing). I would consider whether I could eat Turkish potato pastries over and over or Ukrainian dumplings stuffed with cabbage and I would also consider how much my stomach could accommodate. I don’t think it’s strange to be an eating competitor. I don’t think it’s strange to be an eating competitor. I don’t think it’s strange to be a mukbang personality. Being either of the two requires resting in a comfortable place. I see it as a large supply of energy being available for use. I also admire the job of food critic. I’m not a cook but I like to think that I know about a wide variety of food tastes. I can imagine taking this job seriously. I can imagine narrowing my eyes allowing the food to linger on my tongue, having perhaps an intimate moment with the taste before swallowing and smiling at how great the moment was.

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