How I Would Be a Parent

If I were a parent, here are the ways I would be one…

1) I wouldn’t hide anything from my child. 
 2) I would involve my child in many different activities so my child would know what the world has to offer. I would like to say that I would serve as an assistant to what helping my child discover what hobbies to pursue.
3) I would tell my child about my parents and brother and any relative whom I’ve ever had contact with (which has been extremely little, unfortunately).
4) I would make sure to talk to my child a lot. (My parents have communicated very little to me growing up; I’ve depended on myself to learn language)
5) I would do all I can to create a full life for my child (not leave the child in front of the TV and have him/her fend for him/herself).
6) Whenever I and the child are at home, I would spend time with the child. Not separate myself from the child, not live in a home divided.
7) I would be enthusiastic to get my child to learn subjects taught in school early. (Maybe math would become a bit easier for me.)
8) I would never tell my child that he/she/s stupid for not knowing someone I learned long ago in school. I would be empathetic to the child.
9) I would be physically active with my child. 
 10) I wouldn’t be afraid of my child.
11) I would want to be one of my child’s friends.
12) I would expect the child to learn everything I do (about insurance, taxes, how to find a job, what the workplace is like, how to read sales signs, etc. because the child will have to know; I don’t believe that any information is beyond a child).
13) I would financially and emotionally support my child as long as I live. (Because I see myself as a guide as long as I’m alive)