During the internment, Japanese American teens created this heartbreaking scrapbook about camp life
Stephanie Buck

I have studied the plight of the internment of the Japanese-Americans since I was a child. I am an American of Chinese descent and I’ve imagined how life would be if I lived during this time (mistaken for Japanese and refusing to wear the ‘I am Chinese’ button). I still come across fellow Americans who wonder where I was originally from; being treated differently at times for being of East Asian descent. I don’t understand why it isn’t as easy to perceive Americans of East Asian descent as Americans as it is to perceive other people as Americans.

I love your article as it informs me of a story that I ought to look more into. Americans of East Asian descent have always and still are misunderstood to be ‘foreign’ when we aren’t. I think people need to delve more into the experiences of different Americans to feel that, regardless of appearance and cultural background, Americans come in a wide, wide range.

Thank you for taking the time to investigate information on this absurd event. It absolutely, absolutely shouldn’t have happened.

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