An Untethered Woman: Sex, Solitude, and Female Friendship
Anna Graham Hunter

In 2016, I dreamed of having someone in my life. I’m 29 and I haven’t had a relationship with anyone. I’ve filled my twenties with travel, books, coffees at numerous cafes, tons of walks, my full-time work teaching English in four countries, writing, listening, and remembering people’s stories and eating and drinking new dishes and beverages. At 28 going on 29 in 2016, I thought about when I was going to finally meet someone to share my good times with. In the last week of December in 2016, I realized that I was destined to have more time being an untethered woman as I am still not stable in my career (having job-hopped from one language school to another not earning as much money as I would like) and not settled anywhere that I want to be in (I am currently considering where my next destination is). Starting from the last week of December, I completely changed my aim from hoping for someone to how I can get to a much higher level than I am in now. I hope to be at a much more satisfactory level in my thirties starting this year. From your article, I take it that human beings ought to live more flexible, less controlled lives. It’s about being okay in any state that we’re in and it’s okay to long for someone we knew before or long for someone to come later; just meet more people, get out more and see where our lives go.

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