Write what you know. Write what you don’t know. Just write.
Karen Booth

I’ve always felt that I’m not good enough with words to write well. I’ve written on and off throughout my childhood, have written more in my teens, studied creative writing in university, and, after university, haven’t written much apart from a blog on Wordpress which a person whom I considered a friend told me to stop writing because it made her sad. This happened nearly three years ago and, now, I’m writing a lot and making it a goal to write several pieces a week. In fall 2016, I realized I wasn’t meant to keep my mouth shut as my mind goes non-stop (my mind especially doesn’t shut up). After a fall out with a toxic friend, I broke out writing. I wrote and wrote. I haven’t had writers’ block yet. I still feel occasionally that I’m not good with words to write well but, looking back at pieces I wrote before, I think I’m writing a lot nicer now. Writing is about entertaining and teaching someone with it. It’s about getting people to see more clearly how greatly communicative words are and what beautiful images they get us to envision, drawing out deep feelings within us and, most importantly, discovering a new thing about humanity. Anything that we write counts. I praise any writing that anyone does, even the negative kind. Opening a door into humanity is crucial for our ability to peacefully co-exist; writing helps a lot in this.

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