Moving Without Feeling at Home

I think some people’s purpose in life is to try out a lot of things and never really settle. Try one thing then quit, try another thing then quit, try another thing then quit, try out more things and stopping in order to go on and try something else brand-new. I don’t think that everyone is destined to feel secure in one place, doing one thing. I think some people’s purpose in life is to search for one’s identity; some people will always look and never get to be their identity. I think for a lot of people, there will be this unstable feeling for all of their lives. Some people are meant to be exhausted from moving one place to a faraway place to another faraway place, then down south then up north a little bit then moving on again. Some people aren’t destined to be happy doing this. At least moving to something else provides some relief; it adds another valuable experience. I think it’s probably better to keep moving around instead of staying in one place to wait for things to improve. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant situation to consider but which is more attractive: To move everywhere without feeling settled once or staying in one or two places to see if the combination of a compromise and compatibility form at all? Maybe for some people, there will never be a place called ‘home’. It’s a despondent thing to think hard about but this exists.

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