My Attempt At Following ‘Eat, Pray, Love

Has anyone read the book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert? There is a scene where she is on the bathroom floor crying hysterically, lying there for a while because she didn’t want to be married anymore and she badly needed a change in her life.

I feel like I’m having my ‘on the bathroom floor moment’ now but I have no tears to shed and I’m calmly sitting up, thinking and drinking tea. Okay, my body isn’t going hysterical but my mind is.

I’m sure all of you have had this moment… or maybe, some of you have had this moment once (or many times), or maybe some of you have been so fortunate and you have never had this happen to you.

Because of that book, though, I’ve gone abroad to discover where I could live abroad. Elizabeth was inspired to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia for a year after having had her fortune told by an Indonesian man she believed she was going to meet again. Believing strongly that her fortune was going to come true, she followed this belief and her life has turned out so much better.

I, too, had my fortune told. I, too, believed that my fortune was going to come true. I’m in Istanbul for this reason. I was inspired, years ago, by Gilbert’s story. If it weren’t for having read Gilbert’s story, I wouldn’t have had the idea, probably, to go abroad as I have during my twenties. I don’t regret anything about my travels at all. However, I’ve had a much rougher journey than expected and I’m a little tired. 
 My energy is still there. My voice is still loud and clear (according to Chinese culture, if one’s voice is loud and clear, then the person is in excellent health). My body is working really well. I mean, I’m spiritually at a loss, exhausted from the lack of inspiration nowadays. 
 I’m barely even touching Gilbert’s story with my fingertips. I think I’ve let it go and I’m floating in limbo. The fortune I was told in December 2010 hasn’t surfaced in reality so far. I haven’t uselessly spent my time since then though. 
 Truthfully, I’m not happy. I would honestly like a change. 
 Now, I’m stating that I would like to live a better life. A much better life than I have now. New ideas would be helpful. 
 I’m looking for them with my mind still hysterical.

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