On Writing About Something Unpleasant About Humanity

I don’t mind telling different truths about humanity based on what I’ve seen and felt. I don’t mind risking being ostracized for it. How can we help humanity improve when we hide or avoid some of what humanity is? I think we need to confront all of humanity’s goodness and eccentricities as a whole so we can know how to treat each other better or solve communication issues more effectively. I think people need to think less about what they would like to say as something that they would regret saying or something that would make people laugh. I think people need to say more when they feel the need to instead of holding back and not only but most importantly they need to be open to listening and evaluating an individual’s unique situation. I think it’s okay to let go of someone because the person is harming you and you aren’t able to stay above this harm but it’s not fair to let someone go because the person’s interests or opinions or habits differ and may be incomprehensible. Unless the person’s ideas or body language or facial expressions somehow cause bodily and mental harm, it’s not just to let this person go.

I’m simply telling truths about certain individuals whom I have gotten to know over the years from my perspective. I simply relay my experiences with certain individuals based on how I’ve felt with them, based on what I’ve witnessed. I think to know about more kinds of behavior is worth knowing if it helps to be informed more about humanity. How can we possibly deal with certain people or how to prevent more of them from staying the way they are (to stay in a way that hurts people?)? I think we should at least know so I don’t mind honestly saying something.

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