To Trans Young People: You Are Beautiful And Perfect Just As You Are
chase strangio

Response to ‘To Trans Young People…’

No one deserves any criticism unless they harm someone. We are born as we are; anyone can make useful contributions to the world. There’s no one such way to ‘be normal’. I am personally not happy with how conformity reigns everywhere(in some countries more so than others but conformity and control are ever-present at any level everywhere). I feel that people are inhumane than humane all the time. I don’t know why people don’t feel another’s flesh, another’s heart, another’s skin in their own hearts. I wish people were softer towards others. I wish that people were more considerate, more mindful, more emotional towards others. I wish everyone received more praise than criticism but it’s not the case. I wish everyone talked to more good people than bad every day but it’s not the case. I wish trans people had the right to be confident. I wish trans people had the right to show how much they love themselves. I wish trans people experienced more happiness than sadness. I wish trans people didn’t feel so many aches in their hearts. I wish trans people could have fun anywhere, whenever they want. I wish trans people would be loved by more people than disliked and criticized by them. I hope them to smile. I hope for them to be offered help when they need it. I hope they aren’t emotionally exhausted all the time.

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