I’m the kind of person who creates a schedule in her head as to what to do with the day because I’m the type of person who is drawn to direction. I don’t want to completely think of nothing of how I’d like the day to unfold; I tend to envision how the day will go. Like envisioning dominoes falling in order right after the other, I have the whole day’s plans in my mind, or in front of my eyes sort of, and events are happening and going, happening and going, happening and going. I play how each day will go because this excites me about living. Of course, it often happens that when I strongly expect something to happen, it doesn’t happen and I feel confused, I feel sad but I take feeling these feelings as meaning that I care about life very much for wanting certain things to happen. Going out there and doing no matter if the way is wrong is okay because, then, I will do something else and something else and something else.

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