‘Social Skills’

Having ‘social skills’ doesn’t mean only communicating with one kind of person, and having only one definition of what having social skills is, and thinking only one way of communicating with others is ‘communicating’.

A person who claims to have social skills is a person who can communicate comfortably with any person in existence. Having social skills is mainly about feeling for others, to come to terms in the mind about someone (that that person may had had something happen to them that has caused them to be a certain way), to show unrelenting compassion, to always first and foremost remember that everyone is different, that no one is inorganically made, that everyone can’t possibly come in only one form. True social skills is to cooperate with the person that’s there, with who the person just is, to accept that the person is just that certain way and to keep in mind that it’s much more important to feel assured that the person knows right or wrong instead of whether the person has much to say. Having ‘social skills’ also means how to take silence, how to read it, to be willing to read it and it’s about not seeing the person to be inhumanly possible to communicate with in any fashion. I think we need to overcome any discomfort we may feel near any person who makes us feel that way, we need to rise above our discomfort, be stronger than it and say, ‘I rise above discomfort when I’m near this person because this person is a person and I’m a person and no one can possibly know every little molecule about us so we might as well get along as we are. ‘To have social skills’ means to be flexibly with anyone without feelings afraid, intimidated, resentful, nervous, stressed out, frustrated; it means to be able to communicate with anyone as they’re born to be (everyone has set characteristics that we need to do a much better job taking seriously and to figure out how to possibly work with). Favoring one type of character is immoral because no one character is more valuable than another, no set of interests is more valuable than another, no kind of appearance is more valuable than another, no way of spending a day is more valuable than another UNLESS, only, if the person commits wrong when it’s clearly evil. Otherwise, in my humble opinion, personally, I don’t know many people who ‘have social skills’; in fact, I know very few (I certainly need to work on mine, especially in regards to accepting people as they are more, particularly all of the absurd things some may say; for example, that ‘having social skills’ means to talk! No way, not that simple).