How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

There needs to be a revolution of what a ‘good image’ looks like. I’ve never understood when people say to be careful with my weight or if I had gained a few pounds since I last saw them. I’ve never understood how people tie their respect to another’s body shape or size. A body with more flesh than another isn’t less significant than a malnourished body or a muscular body. Every body contains our experiences, feelings, thoughts, organs. Humanity is much, much more than just body size. How dare the status quo have reduced humanity to a clothing size? Do people want to know people anymore? When I see people everywhere, I see how different everyone is and how lovely that makes the human race. Whether one is short, thin, tall, big, body size doesn’t keep me from wondering about someone. We are much more complex than our size. I wish everyone would appreciate each other much more than just our size.

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