To the Turkish People: Please Respect ALL Women

A covered girl isn’t more righteous than an uncovered one. This needs to be clear to all people in Turkey particularly with the growing desire to move away from secularism.

It’s incomprehensible for someone to have treated a covered girl better than me today. (I’m not the only one as I always read stories and have been told stories about uncovered girls not being treated as well at all as covered ones.)

Covered girls are equally as human as me. 
According to law where I am from, everyone should be treated the same (which I believe every country in the world should abide by). Covered or not covered.
In my experience, covered girls can be every bit as classless, rude, loud and mean. Wearing a certain outfit doesn’t make anyone more holy. 
How is a covered girl ‘better’ or ‘more respectable’ than one who isn’t?
As far as I’m concerned, a piece of cloth means nothing to me. 
I’m all about “show me who you are”, not “show me your headscarf”.

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