Dear Trans Kids: (from a trans teacher)
Harper Keenan

Writing to Harper Keenan (Trans Teacher)p

Thank you for the resources. I, too, hope so much for trans people. They are human. They, like, everyone else need a pair of ears to listen to them. They have life stories to share. They have hobbies that I think people should ask if they could share their hobbies with them. Trans people have a lot of warmth to give. They have a lot of wisdom because they are aware that human beings are organic beings, not grouped in two, like black and white, happy and sad, fat and thin; people are so much in between and beyond. I hope individuals everywhere in the world do their part to help trans people, to make their area a peaceful one for trans individuals. I will do my part. I strongly hope for trans people to live in safe places with enough fun and nourishment in their lives. I will hope that not a single trans person is alone out in the world; I will hope that every one of them have a support group. I hope each of them are treated well. I hope they live in peace most of the time. I hope they aren’t put in circumstances often where they question why they exist the way they do (because no one should ask themselves this — no one).

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