My earliest childhood memory which came instantly is — I was walking on a street with my grandpa…
Abhishek Labhe

Your memory may be seemingly simple at a glance but I could picture a little you and your grandfather quite easily. I’m glad that you got to do that yourself. Just that moment, I’m sure, got you thinking that you could do a lot with yourself — without anyone. I don’t have any memories of hanging out with my maternal grandfather because we were never close yet I still see him smoking in my mind — smoking and drinking hard liquor (but he didn’t harm anyone; he was cranky and really sad and moped a lot). Memories of hanging out with grandparents should be appreciated. I love watching young people bond with their grandparents (even more when with their parents, actually). Old people are my favorite people. I love observing the old. I hope your confidence never wavers. Keep it. Your grandfather having helped you build your confidence is a gift. Not everyone has this gift. I’m glad you recognize this gift.

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