The Day I Shared The Stage With Taylor Swift

The Lessons I Learned

My daughter and I have been Taylor fans for over 6 years now. I took her to Taylor’s “Speak Now” concert, where we sat on the floor, 25th row. I held my little girl up in my arms for most of the show so she could see, and then my daughter had the opportunity to reach out with her little 5-year-old hand and almost touch Taylor’s as she ran back to the stage at one point. For buying the tickets at the last minute, we got lucky!

While no one is perfect or should be idolized, Taylor’s message of being a strong woman and living in your integrity and convictions is something I respect, and as a coach I applaud. It is with this lens I encourage my daughter to look at Taylor’s messages.

After 3 concerts, 4 Taylor birthday cake themes, 1 Taylor Halloween costume, and numerous Taylor paraphernalia, one day I shared a special stage with Taylor.

Alright, alright, so it wasn’t her tour stage, but I shared one that is much more important.

One night my daughter was working on a secret project.

Mom, which picture of Taylor do you like? How do I copy and paste it online?

I chalked it up to her doing something creative and I let her have her time, indulging her as I pointed out photos I liked.

An hour later she presented me with this…

My heroes are my Mom and Taylor Swift. My Mom is my hero because she goes for things and inspires me to be myself. She never gives up and if she fails she always stays positive and keeps trying. In fact when she fails it motivates her to go bigger and try harder. I look up to her very greatly and she is an extraordinary person. Taylor Swift is also my hero because she is very generous. She recently gave 1 million dollars to the Red Cross and donates on a regular basis. She tells younger girls to not listen to the haters and to be ourselves. She has been my hero for about 7 years because she also tells people to not care what other people say about them and to ignore them and walk away. Taylor Swift and my Mom have always been my hero and they will continue to remain as my heroes.

It was for an assignment at school. Their character education theme for the year is “Be Today’s Hero.” She was to write about her hero. While I am honored and speechless to share the stage with Taylor and also be my daughter’s hero, her words about why are what affected me the most. I do constantly tell my daughter to go for things, take a chance, and that I’d rather see her try and fail than not try at all (and mean it!). However, I found myself reading these words and realizing I how hard I am on myself, as I rarely make note and applaud these traits in myself.

Instead I thought…

Yes, I am positive ― why don’t I recognize this more?

Yes, when I fail I DO keep trying ― why don’t I notice this more?

Yes, when I do something I try to go BIG and mediocre isn’t in my blood ― why don’t I appreciate this innate attribute more and use it as my super power?

My 11-year-old coached the coach. The fact that she sees these things in me and they motivate and inspire her, do more for me than I have done for her. She has made me wake up a little more and extend kindness to myself. And I know this too will help her to do the same for herself in days to come.

I may be a hero in my daughter’s eyes, but in my eyes she is mine, as the student has become the teacher.

“Be Today’s Hero” — By my daughter

Originally published at on October 31, 2016.