The thought then came upon me

in the darkness of the night

this torture no longer could I bear

I’d surrender to the fight.

But how to do the dirty deed

I pondered long and hard

something quick and painless

a piece of glass, a shard.

In the corner of the bedroom

yes, I knew would do the job

a glass case holding keepsakes

in stifled gasps I sobbed.

And in my mind I played it out

my thoughts they raced nonstop

for in that shame filled moment

when once again I sobbed.

To leave behind beloveds

yet to stay in one of pain

an endless plight of suffering

a fight I fought in vain.

Then something came upon me

in whispered tones it spoke

“hang on, the end is soon in sight”

I thought it was a joke.

But then a strange thing happened

it appeared before my eyes

a Heavenly gift revealed itself

it was not my turn to die.

In days that passed there grew a hope

yes, someday I’d be free

the angels spoke my truth that night

a new life promised me.