Wake Up! The truth about Mental Illness

Mental illness is a necessary part of awakening. Meditation and spiritual practices will pull you like gravity, to the core of what you truly are. We’re all insane — a mental illness caused by a split identity, guilt being the cause of all sickness. Believing in the ego thought system we’ve gotten lost to what is real, and forgotten who we truly are and why we’re here. The source of all illness comes from this split mind as we react to images from the past that we’ve abandoned, resulting in sickness — self punishment for our imagined sins. Every physical ailment arises in the mind. If sickness resides only in the mind, then it can be changed by changing the mind, a shift in how one sees their condition. The so called sickness may remain but need not control our life. This is the decision we must make.

We live in a society where mental illness is not recognized as a process that can help us to awaken. In this walk through fear, we wish someone had told us about this year’s ago.Then again, those who choose healing will find healing and those that don’t will eventually find their way.

All illness is mental illness and must be healed in the mind, for in fixing the mind the body will follow. Countless years of pills and potions take their toll until we’re ready to hear the truth.

Healing comes when we have a shift in our thinking about how we perceive sickness. To rise in thought higher than the illness, a true miracle can change the mind, causing a change in how we see the physical world.

Extending only love and kindness to anyone suffering is the rule; we’ve walked in their shoes. We’re not here to judge but to join. The Holy Spirit is the healer — ignoring this is insane.