My life for your judgment

From a very young age, we are taught to live up to what and who the world wants us to be. As if, there is an external standard that ought to be met at any cost if we want a “good life”. So, during family reunions we brandish our track record as if we have something to prove to the world.

Consequently, relatives become judges and you are the case. You find yourself subject to prying and your decisions are constantly called into question. Suddenly, your life is not yours anymore but belongs to other people.

I have done some soul-searching lately and it led to the conclusion that I have been subconsciously trying to live up to expectations that did not serve me at all. Instead, they just turned me into a pushover.

It seems that the questioning stage has hit me. Am I following the path that I chose or am doing what other people are telling me to do. Am I actually living my life or someone else’s? I feel like I should find answers to these questions.

Still, my sudden awareness has raised some eyebrows. I am expected to command and conform to the idea of how my life should be. Nevertheless, I am starting to embrace the fact that I do not need anyone’s approval but my own and learning how to handle unwanted advice and guidance.

This starts with setting my own rules and shutting everyone out all while being unapologetic about it. I’m focusing on achieving my dreams instead of bending to other people’s opinion or way of living. I’m moving my entire life in the direction that reflects my truth. After all, I am the commander in chief of my life…