Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party
Germaine Wensleydale

While I completely understand your disillusionment and support your demand for a more diverse pool of candidates, I’m curious to know what your plans will be in the upcoming election. Will you withhold your vote in solidarity, or vote defensively against any candidate that threatens the future existence of the millennial democratic revolution you mentioned? I find that too many are opting for the former, and ignoring the consequences of distancing themselves from the election. There’s no doubt this election cycle is amongst the craziest yet, but you can’t really ignore the fact that one of those clowns will be in charge for at least the next four years. You’re right — there’s not much of a decision to make, but the choice is still there, and your vote can make the difference between some baby steps forward or an incorrigible leap back. Unfortunately, political diversification doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes you’ve simply got to stand behind the candidate that is sort of moving in the right direction until you can put in a ballot for the candidate you feel is anywhere close to representive of your ideals.

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