Can Green Coffee Beans Give You More Energy and Help You Lose Some Weight?

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Green coffee beans are actually the seeds of the coffee plant. They are called beans since their shape is very similar to actual beans. Coffee is made by picking coffee beans when they are ripe and either letting the beans ferment or by letting the beans dry in the sun. However, new uses have been found for coffee beans due to the increasing popularity of weight loss and energy supplements.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, a substance that causes higher levels of dopamine to be produced. This chemical gives you energy, boosts your mood and helps you get motivated. Green coffee beans can be used to create a powerful supplement since these beans are processed before they are ripe. Their caffeine content is higher than what you would find in ripe beans, which makes green coffee bean extract a very efficient supplement. The caffeine content found in green coffee bean is 1– 2 percent (Source: WILD flavors, Inc.)

There are other benefits of taking green coffee bean extract. Coffee beans contain a chemical known as chlorogenic acid. This chemical is eliminated when coffee beans are fermented, dried or roasted. Chlorogenic acid has many benefits, including regulating blood sugar levels and preventing fat from being stored. Green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight and actually gives you more energy by changing the way your digestive system absorbs nutrients from the foods you eat.

Green coffee bean can increase your energy levels in a way that is similar to how coffee works. However, you will probably be exposed to higher amounts of caffeine with a supplement if you are not a heavy coffee drinker. The only downside to taking a supplement instead of drinking coffee is that roasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. However, you can get all the antioxidants you need by making good nutritional choices. The top 5 foods rich in antioxidants are berries, broccoli, garlic, green tea and tomatoes (Source: Canadian Living). Taking a green coffee bean supplement will help you get more energy from the foods you eat and will also prevent you from gaining weight.

Supplements that contain green coffee bean extract are safe and can be used on a daily basis. You could for instance replace your morning coffee with a dose of the supplement. You should start feeling the effects within a few minutes and have improved energy levels throughout the first part of your day. However, a lot of users report experiencing a caffeine crash similar to what happens after drinking coffee. If you need to sustain high energy levels throughout your day, try finding a product that can be taken more than once a day so you can boost your energy levels again as needed.

You should know that there are no regulations on how manufacturers should produce supplements. You will find a lot of products labeled as green coffee supplement but the ingredients used and their quantities actually differ a lot from one product or a brand to the other. It is important to do some research on the different supplements available to you and to carefully read the list of ingredients used to make sure you select a high quality product.

In the end, green coffee beans are an amazing source of energy and can even help you lose some weight. Keep in mind that you will get better results if you choose a high quality supplement that contains a significant quantity of green coffee bean extract. If you’re not really aware about green coffee bean extract, here’s an example that can be found on Amazon. You should also look into making some changes to your sleep schedule, diet and activity level if you want to feel more energetic. Take the time to compare different supplements available on the market before choosing a product that will give you the energy and the motivation you need.

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