A woman’s true place in an African Society

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A woman’s place is in the kitchen. Her duty is to make sure her husband and children are well taken care off. She is to worship her husband and make him happy all the days of her life. She should have no desire of her own, her desire should be to submit unto her husband. He is after all her head, he leads while she follows. She is a subordinate.

Over the years, this has been the position of women in most African societies, women have always been regarded as emotionally weak beings who deserved to be protected.

While boys were made to learn farming, hunting, the girls were to stay at home with their mothers and learn how to sew, cook and most especially learn how to be respectful wives to the husbands the society will choose for them. So much so that when a child fails to be successful, the mother is blamed for being a nonchalant teacher.

Since the birth of Civilization in Africa , there have been lots of debates about the true places of women in the society.

_Are the places of women still in the kitchen ?

Personally I think it’s safe to say that women have been promoted from being relegated to the kitchen to being the game changers in our world today . Women can now take much more important roles in the society. We now have women in the world of Science and technology, literature, investigative journalism, security, Finance and the likes.

Women have taken the bulls by the horn and have proven that they are more than just mannequins who put on fancy clothes and make up.

During the recent protests against police brutality in Nigeria, Women such as Aisha Yesufu( who is now named in Times 100 most influential women in the world), F.K Abudu, Rinu Oduala, Moe Odele, Kiki Modi were among the prominent voices during the protest which affirms the point that women are now at the fore front of fighting against injustice

Aisha yesufu during the End Sars protests in Abuja .

Women such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, J.K Rowlings have also changed the game in the world of literature and they all have proven to us that indeed women can be TWICE AS TALL .

_Are women backbones ?

Someone who is regarded as a backbone is someone who is strong emotionally, financially, someone who is strong in every area of life , Someone who can bear and shoulder the responsibilities of others . Without a spinal cord, it is technically difficult for one to be able to stand, someone with a broken spinal cord will forever be dependent on other people . A woman being a backbone means she is a source of strength , others including her children depend on her

As a child, I depended on my mum for everything and even now as an adult, I still depend on her for somethings and honestly I don’t know how I’ll feel if anything happens to her.

Women are backbones

Women are small gods that deserves to be worshipped and given my line of thought , it is a great honor for any woman to be regarded as a backbone.

_ Are women equal to men ?

This is a question that sparks off controversy at every point in time. People come around with points as to why the male folks and the female folks are not equal to each other but the question people fail to ask is what is equality ?

Equality is about making sure that everyone has a chance to take part in society on an equal basis and be treated appropriately , regardless of their gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, language , social origin, religious beliefs, marital status and other personal attributes

In other words, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Everyone should be granted equal rights in the Society and it is good to know that powerful women in history have broken certain stereotype and as it stands today, Kamala Harris, the U.S Vice President elect is proof that women are now being accepted into certain areas in the society where they have been earlier denied

Kamala Harris- United states president elect

While the rest of the world is gradually giving acceptance to women rights, Africa as a continent is still lagging behind, we still have people who think women should still be relegated to the kitchen and shouldn’t be allowed to take up sensible roles in the society, we can only hope for the best.

As it stands the question is still valid

What is the true place of a woman in an African society ?

The answer is within you dear Reader

As an African woman what is my true place ?

As a man hoping to marry or married to an African woman

What is her true place ?

The answer is right within you

Award winning editorial writer/ Pro-Negritude / Christian

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